Pickup and Dine-In Ordering Solutions

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Pick-Up Orders

Seamlessly integrate Self Serve on your website to enable customers to easily place pickup orders.

Easy Integration

Integrates seamlessly with Stripe, providing a secure and convenient payment gateway for customers to complete their orders with ease.

Manage Orders

Pickup orders flow directly into our self-serve software, streamlining the process for your restaurant to efficiently manage and fulfill customer orders.

Fulfill Pick-Up Orders

Easily connect Self Serve to your existing website and start acceping orders for pick-up easily and seamlessly. Our software integrates with any website. Ready to increase restaurant orders with Pick-up?

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$99/month after 90 day trial period.

Dine-In QR Code Orders

Increase restauraunt efficiency by allowing customers to easily order from their table through the Self Serve QR code reader. Easy to set up. No hassle. Your customer chooses their serving experience.

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$99/month after 90 day trial period.

Payments We Support

We offer your customers secure payment options to order food with ease.

Intuitive Pick-Up & Dine-In Food Software

Increase restaurant orders with pre-built website pick-up integration. Quick and Easy Setup. Try us FREE today. No commitment.

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