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Dine-In and Pick-up Software for Restaurant Owners and Customers

We offer access to our state of the art application software customized for all restaurants looking to optimize their clients dining experience.

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Order food with ease from our app while sitting at your table while dining in the restaurant


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Simply click on the app store links here on our website or you can search for the app in the Apple Store or Google Play to download on your mobile device.

Search for the restaurant you want to order from, select the items you want from the menu, choose Dine In or Pick Up, and checkout. It’s that easy. Self Serve also allows you to request restaurants that aren’t already listed on the app.

The Self Serve app allows you to schedule a pick up time for your order to be prepared and track order progress in real-time. You can opt in for push notifications to update you on your order status, or your can simply view the order status within the app.

The Self Serve app is completely free to download and use for the end user. You’ll only be charged for the order itself, plus an optional tip.

Registering your restaurant with Self Serve takes only a matter of minutes. Just download the app, upload your menu and add your business’s information to your profile to start receiving and managing orders from clientele.

Self Serve charges restaurants a subscription flat fee to use the app regardless to the volume of purchases.
Customers are charged for their order.