Own A Restaurant?

Get started with Self Serve to provide better service to your customers. Manage dine-in and pick up orders all from one app.


Why Self Serve?

  • 1

    Ordering Made Easy

    Seamless ordering experience, where customer controls the amount of user interaction

  • 2

    Dine-In and Pick Up

    Self Serve Digital Dining enhances your ordering experience while dining in or picking up preordered food

  • 3

    Better Access

    Access any restaurant you wish, with the ability to request restaurants not listed

  • 4

    Stay Up to Date

    Track orders with real time notifications

  • 5

    Stand Out

    Completely customizable interface for each restaurant

  • 6

    Better Serve Customers

    Includes full scale interactive table management system

  • 7

    Earn More Restaurant Profits

    Modernize your restaurant dining experience for your customers and earn more profit for your restaurant