Restaurant Owner

We get it. Running a business takes
everything you’ve got.

Keeping costs down, but service high, while keeping quality consistent but also always new and exciting? We’re exhausted just thinking about it. Throw in making sure payments are seamless and the customer is always happy? It can be overwhelming.

Own a Restaurant?

Get started with Self Serve to provide better service to your customers. Manage dine-in and pick up orders all from one platform.

The Restaurant Experience

Seamless Billing

Never worry about running a POS around again with auto payments saving your servers precious time, ensuring billing is always seamless and efficient. Make the final stage of service the best with fast, accurate payments that are fully transparent to the customer. Cut the unnecessary costs while increasing revenue.

Ease of Communication

Rest easy knowing that you’ve done everything you can to communicate your offers. Promote specials to a wide audience and directly sell them. Directly message tables and treat Self Serve like a personal message board to communicate the items you want to promote any time.

Focus on Experience

Save your servers those awkward chats with the table about payments and keep them focused on creating an incredible experience! Straightforward, instant payments and clear bill splitting are exactly what your establishment needs.


Save time, energy and resources removing pricey inconvenient POS terminals from the equation with Self Serve. Get both happy customers and increased revenue.

How it works with Self Serve

Sign up with Self Serve

Login to the Self Serve restaurant web app on your PC or tablet, create your account, business profile and add your menu.

Start receiving orders

Accept and manage in-bound orders from the web application. Enhance your customer dining experience while increasing server efficiency.

Save Time and Increase Restaurants Profit

Enable contactless ordering for your dine in customers, promote add on orders and make serving easier for your staff.

Purchase Membership

$199 CAD/month*

*Pilot Pricing. Discounted from $599/month

30 Days FREE Trial. Limited-time ONLY
+ Professional food photography shoot at NO CHARGE by SOS Media Corp

What’s included

Dine-in Orders
Pickup Orders
Coupons & Deals
Menu Manager

Intuitive Pick-Up & Dine-In Food Software

Increase restaurant orders with pre-built website pick-up integration. Quick and Easy Setup. Try us FREE today. No commitment.

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