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Modern QR Code Ordering For Pick-Up & Dine-In

Add online ordering to your restaurant website in one easy step. Creating the next-generation customer dining experience.

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No commitment. Ready-to-use solution.

Book a Demo Today!

No commitment. Ready-to-use solution.

Why Self Serve?

Ease | Speed | Profitability

Saves Time

No more getting stuck waiting to order dessert or pay the bill! Self Serve changes the game and cuts out the most frustrating parts of dining.

Empowers Customers to Place Order

Self Serve brings dining back to the needs of customers and their preferences. Customers will love the freedom to order, pay, and leave, when they want!

Enables Mobile Ordering & Payment

Order from your phone as easily as you shop online? Now that’s tech we can be behind. Satisfy the customer impulse to take control from their phone, and have bigger orders roll in faster.

Reduces Number of Required Wait Staff

Serving is one of the hardest jobs in the world. Keep your servers happy with a reduced workload, while also keeping only the best staff on your team, with Self Serve!

Provides Contactless Ordering

Circumstances sometimes call for more safety and distance. Self Serve provides contactless ordering, and payment, to keep businesses open and revenue flowing even in complicated times.

Initiates Upselling & Lower Labour Costs

Make sure your deals and specials are front and center, allowing customers to naturally buy more with Self Serve. Letting the app sell for you saves on labor, marketing, and other expenses while instantly increasing revenue.

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Pickup Orders

Orders flow directly into our self-serve software, streamlining the process for your restaurant to efficiently manage and fulfill customer orders.

QR Code Ordering

Option for Dine-In customers increase restaurant
efficiency, while keeping costs down.

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Boost your restaurant orders with Self Serve’s website integration for pick-up and dine-in orders.

Seamless Stripe integration for secure payments.
Quick and hassle-free setup process.
Pre-built, ready-to-use solution No long-term commitment, cancel anytime.
Start increasing restaurant orders as soon as it goes live on your website.
Text and email customers directly after their pick-up order has been placed

Pricing Plans

Payments We Support

We offer your customers secure payment options to order food with ease.

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Revolutionize Your Restaurant with Self-Serve Pickup Software. Add online ordering to your restaurant website in one easy step.

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